Online Course Technical Requirements

Required Equipment

    Web camera 



NOTE: It is possible to get some acoustic feedback while using loudspeakers and/or a built-in microphone.

Minimum Operating System

Windows 7, Linux (Ubuntu 13.04), Mac OS X (10.9)

Web Browser

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera (most recent versions). We do support and Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that no refunds will be offered in the case when a student is unable to meet minimum requirements

Minimum Internet connection speed requirements

High quality video

Upload speed: 884 kbps (100 pps)

Download speed: 1140 kbps (140 pps)

Low quality video

Upload speed: 496 kbps (80 pps)

Download speed: 620 kbps (100 pps)

Computer Specs

Screen resolution: Recommended 1366 x 768px or higher

CPU: Recommended Dual-core 2.1 GHz (models similar to Intel Core i3 or equivalent AMD CPU or newer) or higher 

Operating memory (RAM): Recommended 2 GB or more

Mobile Devices

Android mobile devices with Android 5.0 + Chrome and Apple iOS + Safari 11 or higher. Screen resolution should be at least 854х480 and only the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers are supported.