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South West Englands Academy of Art

Learn a skill in the arts whilst having fun


Develop skills that will enable you to become involved in the arts community


We offer a diverse range of performance based courses encompassing acting, improvisation, stand-up comedy, performance poetry, storytelling and much more.

Creative Writing

Whether an interest lies in writing for the stage, screenplay or for creating original short stories our creative writing courses are designed to aid individuals to discover and develop their unique voices as writers.


From mobile phone film making to learning the basics involved in bigger budget film enterprises we provide a range of learning and developmental experiences with skilled and experienced tutors.

Art & Photography

Our visual arts courses provide expert tuition to develop as artists, photographers and illustrators. From learning the basics to getting to the next stage we offer experiences that build confidence and develop skills.

Music Industry

Wheather you want to learn new skills or increase your knowledge, enabling you in your pursuit of a career in the music industry and start to get paid to doing something you love? Or would like to learn how to create your own music at home? Then studying with the Creative Culture Academy is a great option for you. We have a great range of courses covering a range of music industry led subjects.

Employability Skills

Do you want to become a professional actor? Are you unsure of how to turn a hobby as a photographer or an artist into a source of income? Do you suspect that you could become funny enough to get paid to make people laugh but don't know where to start? We offer a range of courses that will enable you to take those first important steps to fulfilling your creative aspirations.

Confidence Building

At the Creative Culture Academy we strongly believe that unfolding new or dormant artistic and creative capabilities is a tremendous means of developing confidence, tenacity and spirit. Through our range of confidence building courses we are committed to raising self-belief and developing courageous energy.

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Personalised developmental journeys within the arts.

A commitment to creating opportunities for emerging artists and performers.

A strong team committed to widening opportunity across the arts.

Discover what makes the Creative Culture Academy a great place to study.

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Whether you want to know about course details, or the opportunities that lay ahead on the completion of a course, our team is on hand  to answer any questions you might have.

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Student Prospective

One to One Tuition

As a means of providing support to individuals, as they unfold their journeys as artists, performers and writers, we offer a range of one to one tutorial experiences with our accomplished team of lecturers and tutors. Whether it’s a one-off session to work through a creative block or a longer term coaching experience within a specific genre we are confident that we can provide the right tutor and the appropriate expertise.

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Four reasons to study with us

Our commitment to the arts at every level

Developing life affirming skills and capabilities

Accessible courses in a supportive environment

Our courses are designed to encourage involvement in the arts